Chin Hin 22 Branches

Chin Hin 22 Branches


Welcome To Chin Hin (Jitra) Sdn. Bhd.

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Chin Hin (Jitra) Sdn. Bhd. (CHJ) is a wholly Malaysian owned company established in 1971 as a Motorcycles Distributor. Specializes in all range of indigenous motorcycles distribution from local and overseas manufacturer, as well as to promote technological innovations in motorcycle market which will create a healthier environment for all mankind.

We would like to emphasize that in order to meet our objective all of CHJ’s employees will do our best to develop a sense of responsibility, sincerity and loyalty. This will lead us toward better working environment, mutual benefits and understanding. We are confident that CHJ will achieve good results and growth in terms of quality products and services to our valuable customer. To achieve the Corporate Business Policy “Total Customers Satisfaction” together let us works toward CHJ’s philosophy, “Challenging Spirit, Harmony, Loyalty and Sincerity”. Today, CHJ is representing major local and oversea motorcycle manufacturers for their range of innovative technologies and indigenous motorcycles. Together, we are developing wider distribution network in Northern Region. We are also offering full package of after sales service with its new concept and full support to our valuable customer in accordance with the company’s motto “Pusat Pilihan Motorsikal Anda” (Your Choice of Motorcycle Center).



Our Latest Activities

  Promosi Di Pos Office Guar Chempedak (28hb September - 4hb Oktober 2016)

Promosi C-Mart Arau (23hb - 30hb Sept 2016)

Promosi Hari Malaysia & Hari Raya Haji (1hb September - 30hb September 2016)

Promosi Penghabisan Jualan Stok (1hb September - 30hb September 2016)

Promosi Di Pasaraya Aneka Kuala Ketil (2hb Ogos - 2hb Oktober 2016)

C-Mart BDI Roadshow (2hb - 9hb September 2016)

Promosi Gegar Longwan Kepala Batas (1hb - 7hb September 2016)


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