Kriss MR1

Blue White


Actually, the word MR1 refers to ‘Motosikal Rakyat 1Malaysia’ (1Malaysia People’s Bike). The price of the this is very aggressive at RM2,948 which puts it along the rank of Honda EX5 (RM3,998) and its own Modenas CT100. The CT100 is priced at RM3,398 with electric starter and both 100cc. The panel meter looks familiar for all the Kriss family. Large speedometer with easy to read fuel indicator and four lights on the top of it that includes the normal high beam, neutral gear position indicator, top gear position indicator and turn signal indicator. The overall design of this bike takes the cues from the Modenas Kriss 120 which is one of the popular bike from them long time ago. The most recognizable feature is the tail light that have some kind of fighter jet exhaust pipe cover that enclose it. The engine used are the workhorse that are proven in terms of durability and fuel efficiency. The same engine are fitted to Kriss 100 and CT100. Maybe Modenas team decide that, if the thing works well, why change it?
Low price are very attractive and this could be the ‘People’s Bike’ as what the team wants it to be. Aftermarket parts will quickly comes out after the bike sells well. Maybe it could even be the tuner’s bike after all.

Engine Type : 4-stroke single cylinder SOHC
Bore & Stroke : 50.0 x 49.5 mm
Displacement : 97.2 cc
Compression Ratio : 9
Lubrication : Forced Lubrication Wet (Capacity 0.9 liter)
Cooling System : Air Cooled
Carburetor : SPACO AV18-P

Clutch : Centrifugal
Transmission Type : 4-Speed Rotary Gear System
Primary Reduction Ratio : 4.058
Final Reduction Ratio : 2.71
Driving System : Chain

Ignition System : Magneto – CDI
Starting System : Kick and Eletric Starter
Battery : 12 V 5 Ah

Frame : Pipe Backbone
Suspension : Telescopic Fork
Rear - Trailing Swing Arm
Fuel Tank Capacity : 4.3 liter
Fuel Consumption : 46.2 km/liter @ 80 km/h
Brake : Front: Drum
Rear: Drum